• Project contract from Sales Department
  • Project planning
  • Technical process
  • Purchasing supplies materials & equipments
  • Production process
  • QC for testing
  • Delivery team to transfer products to customer


We believe that to manage a project successfully, we have all try to use all our resources to satisfy our customers’s requirements

Whole process, from engineering all the way through to commissioning, are driven by the Total Quality Management System under ISO 9001-2008..

When we win a contract, Project Manager is noted to customer once. This person is responsible for working with the customer throughout the project on all technical matters

The Project Management Team Leader is in charge of a dedicated team, and it is his or her responsibility to ensure that the team members’ experience and expertise are utilized as fully as possible throughout the project.

All Project Team memebers have to attend project management training courses to make sure they are using the most advanced project management techniques