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General Information.

Paris, France — 30th March, 2021 – Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced the launch of its next generation BlokSeT™ low voltage switchboard – a state-of-the-art design that answers the need for superior operational safety in the world of high performance LV power applications.


BlokSeT’s iPMCC (intelligent Power and Motor Control Center) is a highly capable and advanced smart solution for fault prevention, protection, and automatic restart. Safety and reliability have been significantly improved with the iPMCC’s new temperature and humidity monitoring thermal sensors. This permanent thermal monitoring system utilizes small plastic non-contact and non-powered IR sensors that extend the maintenance lifecycle, and mitigate safety risks such as electrical fires.

With the next generation BlokSeT LV switchboards, Schneider Electric further establishes its dedication to maximizing uptime and enhancing safety, reliability, and connectivity for industry professionals.


The BlokSeT is RoHS and REACh compliant

  • Transparent environment information
  • Product Environment Profile, compliant with ISO14025
  • Circular instructions



Enhanced safety and reliability within your reach

Embodying decades of expertise, BlokSeT solutions are engineered to be complete and personalized low voltage switchboards for power distribution and motor control. BlokSeT switchboards answer the need for superior operational safety in today’s high performance LV power applications. Versatile and durable, BlokSeT switchboards have the comprehensive capabilities and intelligence you need to keep your business competitive

Greater reliability, flexibility, and intelligence

BlokSeT solutions combine industry-leading features and designs with Schneider Electric™ support to make implementation and operation quicker and more reliable so that you can lower costs and realize a faster return on your investment. A fully functional switchboard with built-in intelligence for energy efficiency, BlokSeT is a simple and modular solution. It is easy to choose, intuitive to use, cost effective and simple to install and upgrade


Industry process

  • Mine, metallurgy,
    cement industries
  • Food-processingAutomotive
  • Refinery, chemical plants
  • Microelectronics



  • Tunnel
  • Water industry
  • Energy
  • Airport
  • Metro
  • Port



  • Commercial


  • Sky scrapers
  • Data centers
  • Healthcare



  • Production
  • Distribution


BlokSet Safety First

Type-tested for high electrical installation and operational safety

With IEC 61439-1&2 and full typetesting by independent ASEFA,LOVAG and ASTA certified laboratories, you can have the peaceof-mind that safety is engineered intoevery BlokSeT switchboard With BlokSeT, protection is never left to chance From conception through design,installation and everyday operation,you can count on our commitmentto maximize safety. Withdrawable drawers have threesafe interlocked positions: connected,test, and disconnected, plus drawerstop, to improve operator safety whenconnecting and testing Smart engineering and user-friendly operation · Built-in intelligence for energyefficiency and continuity of service · Smart grid-ready for enhancedcontrol and monitoring · ComPacT footprint allowing moreequipment and functions · Withdrawable functional units forhigh availability and continuousprocesses · Fixed functional units for economicalapplications Safety with IEC 61641-3 compliance


People protection achieved with following criteria fulfilled

  • Criterion no. 1: correctly secured doors, covers, etc., do not open.
  • Criterion no. 2: parts (of the ASSEMBLY), which may cause a hazard, do not fly off.
    (This includes large parts or those with sharp edges, for example inspection windows,
    pressure relied flaps, cover plates, etc. made of metal or plastic).
  • Criterion no. 3: arcing does not cause holes to develop in the freely accessible external
    parts of the enclosure as a result of burning or other effects.
  • Criterion no. 4: the indicators arranged vertically do not ignite (indicators ignited as a result
    of paint or stickers burning are excluded from this assessment.
  • Criterion no. 5: the equipotential bonding arrangement for accessible parts of the enclosure
    is still effective.

Assembly protection achieved with following criteria fulfilled

  • Criterion no. 6: the assembly is capable of confining the arc to the defined area where it ignited, and there is no propagation of the arc to other areas of the assembly.
  • Criterion no. 7: after clearing the fault or after isolation or disassembly of the affected functional unit in the defined area, emergency operation of the remaining assembly is possible. Verified by a dielectric test 1.5 rated voltage during 1 minute

BlokSeT Performances

BlokSeT solutions

A wide range of solutions:

Electrical distribution / PCC

  • For high power incomers or feeders up to 6300 A
  • Withdrawable solution for high availability and safety applications
  • Fixed solutions for economical applications
  • Power factor correction


Motor Control Center / MCC

  • Fixed-type motor control center for economical solution
  • Withdrawable motor control center for high availability and safety applications
  • Solution with motor controller, soft starters and drives


BlokSeT, a complete range.

All LV power applications in different architectures



BlokSeT Specification



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