Corporate Information

Starting from a small switchboard manufaturingplant in 2002. After nearly 20 years  of establishment and development, VIETSTAR has been gradually grown and become a leading switchboard manufacturing company in Vietnam today.


Vietstar with switchboard manufaturing business

Vietstar is a vanguard company in the field of designing, manufacturing and supplying medium and low voltage switchboards. Our products and techniques serve to the highest demands of Electricity, Industry, Trade, Residential, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure.

Our products are widely accepted and used because of their perfect features, high quality and modern designs. So far, Vietstar has supplied hundreds thousand of switchboards that help to safely operate power grid of national electricity company (EVN) and in more than 5000 industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects ... Vietstar products are available in province level of Vietnam and is expanding into ASEAN and international markets.


Our Capacity

More than 200 employees including 50 mechanical and electrical engineers, 03 offices in major cities of Vietnam, and the 15,000m2 manufacturing plant. Our factory is invested synchronously and modernly.

Our vision is to be the No. 1 belief symbol in Vietnam about medium voltage, low voltage swithboards.

Our mission is to research, develop, manufacture and supply swithboards with international quality and affordable prices as well, including professional solutions and services to ensure the safety, easy access, easy operation and maintenance.